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No Export option from IT Asset Inventory


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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi @shamaila.yousaf

Yes, that is correct - we do not have the option to export asset data in a similar fashion to the Request List View.

You should be able to create a report to to display a list of assets and export this to a csv if that works for you?




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@dwalby here's a quick asset report as a starter it includes the attributes which are included in the general assets table (which is the one shared by all asset classes).  Each asset class has different attributes so you may need to create variants of this for asset types which have specific asset attributes that you need but this is a quick example which includes type, asset id, description, cost, location and site - if you export to CSV you can do more with grouping / ordering / manipulation etc but hopefully gets you started assets-by-type.report (1).txt

If you create a new report, and then use the upload report definition you should be able to review this



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In addition to having the Export option on the Asset List,  as part of the Service Manager update build 1944 (and newer) we have added these additional options in the Asset tool bar:

Based on each Asset Class you can now define and save unique Views to display assets that meet defined criteria. Select the columns to display for each View that you create.

Home Button
Once you have your Views defined, you can apply one of these Views to your Home Button to make sure that each time you view your Assets, you are presented with the information that is most important to you.

Advanced Filter
Looking for something specific? The Advanced Filter lets you search on the details of any asset.


I hope this helps.



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