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Creating tasks for other teams

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have been given an issue by a member of one of our Dev teams to solve which is turning out to be a bit more complex than I first thought.

When we have a new starter request, if a user selects one or more 'Dev Team' applications logons to be created, they want a task to be generated and assigned to the team which gives them all the relevant info to enable them to create an account. At the moment the Service Desk  pass the ticket to them and then they pass it back once the accounts have been created.

I added a decision node into the BPM which, if the user has selected one or more of the 4 types, would create a task and assign it to Dev. So far so good.

I then tried adding request question info from the 4 PC forms to the notes of the task but it will only see the last 'Get Request Questions' node.

To try and explain it better (or make it worse) I have attached a diagram. In the attached, assume applications A,C,E are all Dev Apps. Ideally I want the task to be generated as per the attached diagram. I have also attached the view of the PC I am working with.

If anyone can help achieve this or show me a better / easier way it would be greatly appreciated





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@Dan Munns with @Victor suggestion you could write the answers from the different custom fields on the request, and then use a get request info node to populate the variables into the task details box?  

In addition in the next Service Manager update, which should be towards the end of next week, there will be a new Business Process option Under Get Request Information called Progressive Capture Answers, this will supercede the Get Request Questions (which will still be available) but you will not need to specify the PC form id when you use this node, instead in the Variable Picker, you will be able to select the PC form (or in your case forms) and the questions you want to include in this example in the Task details (another advantage is the questions will be the actual question named, not Answer1, Answer2 etc which is how they are available in the current Get Request Questions option).

New Variable Picker options in next Service Manager update:

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 17.25.26.png

This will result in the answers for different questions on different progressive capture forms being able to be added to the task details

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 17.26.14.png

I hope this will help


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