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I'm getting feedback re the new activities and bell alert, the feedback is not good, people are now having to clear the bell and the activities separately  and they are seeing all activities for all teams even if the calls are not assigned directly to them. Is there a way to right click and dismiss all? or can we turn a setting off to go back to the older version.




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@chriscorcoran I still need to know if you are member of these teams. This is important because if that is the case then nothing has changed. You should always see Activities notifications that are assigned to you or teams that you are member of.

Next week you will have an upgrade that will give you an option to dismiss all activities notifications, so it will be simpler,

If you see activities that are not related you you or your teams than let me know because this is a problem.



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@chriscorcoran, so many? I understand it must be difficult. There will be another improvement related the another post - 

This will also minimise the amount of notifications you will receive because if your team is assigned with a new activity and someone takes that activity, then the notification will be marked as read and disappear from your list. This menas you will only see things that are not managed yet and are still relevant.

I imagine also that if you got so many notifications in the previous way (in the bell popup) you never saw notifications related to other things like mentions.

Soon it will be much better.

Thanks for your patience,


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