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Email attachments missing from logged tickets


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Can anyone please advise desperately..For the last few weeks, when we log tickets from emails, all attachments within the emails don't get attached to the raised tickets. This used to work until a few weeks ago, but this fix is now desperately required to make life easy for our analysts, and stop us having to download the attachments from email, and reattaching them to logged tickets.

( IN00034358 was sent via email to the portal with attachments, but when it was logged as a ticket attachments weren't included in the ticket





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"sent via email to the portal with attachments" - Could this be an autoresponder type email - if so the attachments never get added.

I can't see the ticket details but if it says System AutoResponder on the timeline then its what I think is happening.


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On ‎13‎/‎07‎/‎2017 at 4:23 PM, Victor said:

@TonyOb perhaps the discussion below helps to explain why...


Hi @Victor do you have a Date for the implementation of  separating  attachment when logged via system responder ? 

I also find that when you look  for it on the timeline ( the email) ,scrolling all the way to the bottom ,  the "View Email" option under "More Actions"  is never visible unless you  scroll down  further once the "more actions" list opens ..



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@Victor ,   maybe it wasn't just the caffeine afterall , checked a few tickets today and found the attachment issue a bit random :

what i am doing is   opening up  the request ,go to the first update on the time line , more action , view email ( these tickets have been logged by an email auto rule )

on the email i select forward  , it opens a new compose windows , somtimes it includes  the attachment some times it doesn't :

if you want to try :

do not include Attachments :




Do include attachments:



tried different browser  Chrome , IE    same issue.










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