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Need for a Reporting User


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We (like many other helpdesks) display dashboards etc on a large screen in the office. Our screen is actually a very large touchscreen monitor with attached computer stick which is great for gathering around and going through the request list interactively for what we call "Daily Management".   In order to do this I logon to the large display with my own credentials. As you can imagine this is a significant security risk especially given that we have single sign on activated which means that another user could logon onto our HR systems with my account. To make matters worse on a recent vacation I had to either leave the display running or entrust my credentials to another user.

Of course we could have a licensed user ID for this but with a global organisation spanning many departments this just would not be practical or cost effective.

What I believe we need is an ability to have a number of 'free' report users. These should be restricted to DISPLAY ONLY of Dashboards, Reports and the request list. 


Alternatively any other advice on how to run these reports safely and securely would be appreciated.





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