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I would like to create a widget to see which departments are logging the most calls via email so I can look into targeting these areas to promote / increase the Customer Service Portal.

Any ideas if this would be a possibility and how I would look into arranging?


Your assistance is greatly appreciated as always.



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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

Departments are a little tricky to do in Analytics as the tables are stored separately. How many departments do you have? 
If its not too many, one way could be creating a different widget per department, each with a count. 




Would this work or are you looking for something different? I achieve the above using the following:



The WHERE clause is a bit of a combination of a few of the things we have gone through over the past few days - please see the green underlined part, this is the ID of the department you are measure. 
The text to copy is:


h_fk_user_id IN(SELECT h_user_id from h_sys_account_groups where h_group_id = 'Ares/Finance/')
h_source_type = 'Email'
h_datelogged >=  MAKEDATE(YEAR(NOW()),1)


Kind Regards



Switch On Workload.xlsx

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Thanks again @Bob Dickinson and apologies for the long delay in getting back to you. Cutting a long story short, I have been informed that this will be a 'no go' from our end as the departments are picked up from another system and they are not aligned as they should be. So work in progress.


I have this to refer back to should the need be required.



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