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Missing Contacts

Ralf Peters

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I must admit I haven’t   checked  my list of contacts for a while ,but I noticed today that I am missing a few I added when I set up the system.  Basically I added some distribution groups emails as contacts so I could use them in System emails …..

 They are now missing when I go the contacts screen or email lookup

I tried to add them again  but they didn’t show either.

So I created a dummy  Contact Organisation  and added the emails again assigned to that organisation  , now they are showing .

When I look at the h_sys_contact table, all my old original contacts are still in there.

My question is that something that has changed recently, if yes -  the organisation field on the new contact form is NOT flagged as  mandatory   ?





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Hi @Ralf Peters,

You are not doing anything wrong, It is a known issue that has been fixed. We are now in testing phase and will be available probably next week.

The defect is that contacts that are not associated to an organisation are not visible in the list.

Sorry for the problems caused.


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