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How to find more details on the latest released updates?

lee mcdermott

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I have just noticed\found the "my service manager" section when tracking a call through success.hornbill...

In here there is a section showing what has been released to live in the last 90 days 

One I am interested in in particular is CH00141050 - auto close child tickets from a parent ticket.


Where or how do you find out more information on these changes that have been applied i.e. how this works and how to set it up if required.







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thanks for that..but how do you actually relate this to whats on the success.hornbill pages?


As below I would like to find out about Ch00141050 - not just the info displayed below - but how this works and how to configure it

the announcements just have a short line on what it is and dont go into any detail. 


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