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Creating a role to grant access to dashboards


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I just created 2 very interesting dashboards for my company and I would like all users to have access to them. However, for dashboards, we need to manually assign rights to users, groups or roles. I have too many teams and users to do that manually so I was looking for a shortcut using a custom role. But I am struggling and some help would be welcomed! What settings do I need to give to my role to make it appear in the dashboard settings?

My dashboard properties and the access I would like to setup:


My custom role:




I have not given any specific database rights.

Any help would be appreciated :)


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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Lyonel


I don't know if the answers to our (similar, I think) problem would be any use to you?



Edit: (Actually, just reread your post and this really doesn't help at all does it?! Sorry...)



Edited by Paul Alexander
(Actually, just reread your post and this really doesn't help at all does it?! Sorry...)
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Hi @Lyonel

Ok there is a shortcut here, with a few steps. The first thing to keep in mind is that Dashboards can only be shared with an Assignment Role (not a Security Role which is what you are creating in your screenshot). So with that in mind:

Step 1:

We currently have an issue with creating an Assignment Role from scratch (the correct right is not allocated) :( - but to get around this, you can copy any existing Assignment Role by checking the check box next to it, clicking the "Copy Button" and giving it a new title



Step 2:

Open the newly creating role (you may want to give it a different Description), and click the "Assigned Users" tab. Here you have an option to add ALL application users. Click on that for everyone to be allocated this role



Step 3:

To be able to access the Advanced Analytics tile in the Admin Tool, they do need to be granted functional access - but we already have the provided "Dashboard Viewer" role for this purpose. So open that up, and assign ALL your application users to that as well. 



Step 4:

So now all of your Application Users have your newly created Assignment Role, and the existing "Dashboard Viewer" role. Head to your Dashboard(s) and the newly created Assignment Role should be available for selection.



Hopefully this will save you a bit of time....let me know if there are any questions.

Kind Regards



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Actually @Bob Dickinson I know what was throwing me off! The fact that the drop down never refreshes when you try to select a role!

Turns out I already assigned all my analysts to the default role "Dashboard Viewer" :rolleyes:

So just typing the ID of the role and saving works. But I think the UI is bugged there

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No problem @Lyonel

Just to clarify - you have manually typed "Dashboard Viewer" (which is a security role), saved, and this has granted the access? Without having to create an assignment role as well?

Nice workaround if that's correct! I'll be sure to feed this back to the developers though... ;)

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@Bob Dickinson Sorry for the confusion (I must be tired).

I followed your post but at first I could not get the role to properly appear in the drop down list... Turns out I was just not patient. In fact, the assignment role I created does appear in the drop down box but it takes A LOT OF TIME to appear, which is why I thought there was a bug in the screen. It was just lag.

Just to be clear: you cannot use "Dashboard Viewer" system role to setup access to a dashboard.

I hope I am more clear now. Anyway, thanks for the clarification around the role type! That was the key I was looking for :)

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