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Rogue Ticket

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@Stephen Hutchinson, welcome to Hornbill!

Not quite sure what your problem is... Maybe a screenshot would help?

As for "deleting" a ticket, technically you can't. But what you can do is simply "Cancel" it. To do so, make sure your service allows for cancelling requests (even if temporary):


Then in the request itself, you should be able to cancel it:


The other option is to assign to request to yourself and then resolve + close it with an appropriate resolution description:


I hope this helps you.

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Hi Stephen,

 thanks for your post. Lyonel is right in what he is saying, you'll notice that in many areas of Hornbill we operate the principle of "Archiving" records (User Accounts etc.) rather than doing a hard delete. This is to ensure all database relationships are maintained. In the case of requests, we cancel them. 

It seems to me that there may also be a challenge in actually finding this request in the request-list. It sounds like it has not been assigned to a team for some reason. If you log in using the "Admin" account, navigate to the request list, you will have a menu option called "No Team Assigned". This can be found in the list of standard filter options. I've included an image shoing you where this is located.

This should help you find the request, then it can be cancelled. If the request is indeed not assigned, the next step is then to try and understand why that happened.


No Team Assigned.PNG

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