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P1 Board - auto refresh, changing priority


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We want to use a board to display priority 1 tickets, two issues we have noted:

1) Changing the priority wouldn't be reflected on the board (eg. P2 to P1 wouldn't be added, P1 to P2 wouldn't be removed).

2) Have to manually refresh the board to see changes (is the autorefresh of boards being looked at, similar to the call refresh topic in Service Manager).

On ‎18‎/‎10‎/‎2016 at 10:40 PM, Ryan said:

Yes, this is a new feature being developed. 

In regards to the request details not updating until after a page refresh, the application will soon be listening for BPM updates (not just timeline updates) and will refresh automatically, which will hopefully mean the bpm async setting can be turned back on.

Some boards are not so dynamic or critical on time - but I see the boards as a useful collaborative tool to communicate P1's - but it needs to address the above issues.


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Hi Hornbill

Useful to know whether autorefresh is something that is coming for Boards or not.....


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Hi Nasim,

Sorry for not getting back to your question earlier.

This has been discussed internally, and at this stage there are no plans to apply the autorefresh to the current boards. The boards component may be replaced, and I would hope this functionality will be part of the new component.



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Hi Ryan

Understand you are busy providing a service (and updating this forum) so appreciate the answer.

I just needed to know whether we should invest time on our side using a P1 board (for a big screen) - until it auto refreshes I think not.

Although thinking about it maybe a third party browser add-on (eg. Easy Auto Refresh for Chrome) could be a workaround.....


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