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Auto closure of calls not working

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I remember some chatter about the auto close node not working correctly but as far as I was aware this had been fixed.

At the moment it seems that in our instance it is not working and the auto close isn't kicking in.

I did have the timer set incorrectly to start (I had it set to two days, which I assume was keeping them open for 48 working hours or approx. 5 working days so have now set it to 20 hours for 2 working days) but have since changed that but it is still not closing the calls.

Any ideas what may be going wrong here?



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Hi @Dan Munns

I haven't used this node yet as I was told it would still close tickets reopened by the customers (we do allow this).

Although a proper fix is coming shortly - in your scenario I would have thought it should still close the ticket.



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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi @Dan Munns,


Please can you share a screenshot of your configuration for the autoclosure node. As far as we are aware, the autoclose node has been fixed a while ago.

Kind regards


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