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With a number of our services, it is not always possible for the initial progressive capture process to capture all the information required at the beginning, as depending on the route the request takes through the workflow there will be additional information that is required. This is especially so when looking to take advantage of new iBridge integration facilities, where additional information will be required in order to pass their values on inot the integration node.

Ideally we would want a in flight progressive capture node in the BPM which produces a new type of human task for the assigned task owner to complete. This would call a standard progressive capture flow and add the responses to the questions section on the request.

Initially this is only required for internal use via the live app, i.e. by the analysts themselves, but I can see this would also be useful to be pushed out to the end user customer by the service and customer portal.



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Hi Martyn,

Sorry, but I seem to have overlooked this post from July.  This is a good idea and something that we would like to introduce.  As you had previously used Supportworks you will be familiar with the operator scripts that could be presented based on category selection.

This isn't currently scheduled but we will continue to review and get this progressed at some point.



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