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CSV imports in live system


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A question about making a CSV import of organisations into a live system where there already customers implemented.

If we already have a number of customers for example CustomerA and CustomerB.

Each have a number of request tickets already.

If I then make a CSV import of CustomerA, CustomerB, CustomerC and CustomerD with CustomerA and CustomerB's information being identical to what's already in the system, will their old request tickets still be connected to them.

That is, is a visible field used as a foreign key in the database.or is there a hidden key that's used so when setting up CustomerA it gets a key of for example 1 and if I add it again from CSV import it gets an ID of for example 3.

I hope I'm somewhat clear. What I'm trying to achieve is to be able to import customers from our sister companies one at a time by appending the new customers to an existing CSV and then re-importing.

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If you are using the open import tool/script I believe this basically does an UPSERT, which means, if the record does not exist it will be INSERTED but if its already present in the database it will simply be updated.  However, you need to make sure the import is correctly keyed on your unique identifier (which is often the email address or UPN or SAMAccount from AD in some cases) which is how the importer can decide to perform an IMPORT or an UPDATE on a record by record basis


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