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BP published versions?

lee mcdermott

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I have just noticed the way you save and activate BP's seems to have changed. One of our main BP's now seems to have changed itself to Draft?

Can anyone clarify how this now works and if it is saying draft is it still working?

(the BP does still seem to be getting applied and working on our calls?

do i need to do anything so it doesnt say draft?



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Hi Lee,

You are correct - we have changed the functionality to allow for versioning in Business Processes. Your original process is still active (the Green button that says "De-Activate" shows you which version is currently active). What you have highlighted shows that you are simply in "Draft" mode for any changes that you may make. 

Once you have made your changes and saved them, you would come back in to the publishing pop out and click the blue button to move your draft to active and for it to become the latest version. 

I think I can just see a Harry Hornbill notification at the top of your screenshot - that should contain the information you need regarding this new feature, but here is the direct link to the video in case you need it: 


I hope this helps!


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