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Publishing a dashboard to a Sharepoint site

Paul Alexander

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We have a couple of dashboards which we'd like to publish to our Sharepoint intranet. Is there an easy way of doing that so that anyone looking at that page on the intranet gets to see the dashboard, without having to log in to Hornbill please?

At the moment, if we add the address of the dashboard to a frame in Sharepoint we get the error message that the 'content cannot be displayed in a frame' (which we think is a 'trusted site' issue) but, if we log out of Hornbill, then click the link to the dashboard we're redirected to the login page first. 

I have seen a couple of requests on here which mention 'access tokens'.....what are these and would they be what I need to get this to work?


Hope all that makes sense!!



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@Paul Alexander

I am afraid the only way to display a dashboard is to have a valid user session on the Hornbill platform, this is partly subscription enforcement but mostly security enforcement, its not possible to use access tokens for this purpose.  Its also worth noting that access tokens are short-lived and can only be generated by the system via a user that is logged into it.

So as it is today there is no way to share the dashboards on Sharepoint to users that do not have a current session on Hornbill. 


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