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Unable to log tickets from emails


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We are currently unable to log tickets . When we try to log any tickets we get the error" If there are no services available to select, please continue and the request will be logged using the default request process..

Email issues.PNG

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Hi @TonyOb

This is likely because the specific customer you are raising the request for ("Kirstie Neale") is not subscribed to any services.

An easy way to test this is to try and raise a request from a different email - for example, if you emailed into the Service Desk, try to raise the request from that one - it may work as normal as you are subscribed. 

If this user has been created as an External Contact then this may be the issue - I believe you have set up the majority of your users are internal "Basic Users" but there are also some contacts who may not have had their organisations added as subscribers to services in your catalog. 

Hopefully  this helps - let me know if you have any questions!


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Hi Bob,

I tried this, and had 2 x attachments sent via email, which I logged myself on the portal(But didn't have the attachments when logged)..strange!!



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