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[Feature request] - "Business" Service Owner


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Hi again,

Still following Hornbill Insight 2017 event, I have another suggestion to make: due to how my company is structured and operate, we have IT service owners that look after the services (i.e. catalogue items, FAQs, bulletins, change control, etc.) but we also have a real need to a "Business" service owner or Business Key contact. Indeed, this person is actually owning the service from a business perspective whereas the IT service owner is only responsible for the support of the service. 

Let me give you a bit more details on our need. We have an internal "application portal" made up of 60+ custom / home made web applications. Each one has a specific business purpose (e.g. Sales, Logistics, HR processes, etc.) and each app has a Business Process owner who is responsible for the functional side of the application as well as administration / maintenance of some application data. As such, these people would like to know what type of calls are being raised to either intervene themselves (by posting on the request via the service portal) or simply keeping track on what is going on and make sure no stupid changes are requested for example. This would help us a lot on a daily basis as we get a request from such "Business service owners" at least once a month (if not more regularly) and they always complain they do not have access to the call either.. In some cases, they are also very useful to us as they can prevent calls from being worked on from the beginning if they feel the problem lies with training or understanding rather than an actual bug. But remember they do not work in / for IT!

That person would not need to have access to the collaboration platform or Service Desk application, but simply be able to see ALL requests logged against their service(s) in the service portal.

Screen I am talking about: https://service.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/service/<service id>/requests/


I know that now a manager can see the calls logged by any direct reportee (and we have implemented that) but this is not enough in our case... They would also need access to the requests against "their" service obviously so that they can review the request and post on the timeline if need be.

Ideally this would be a new field in the service setup screen, with a new panel and people picker from the entire list of users (including basic users):


What do you think? Is that something possible? Does it make sense? Would anybody else be interested in this feature?



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Great to speak with you at the event yesterday.

Looking at your request above I would suggest that whilst 'technically' possible this would start to fly quite close to our subscription policy. As you know we try to keep things simple at Hornbill as such access to the Hornbill Service/Customer Portals is free for those who are 'being supported' AKA End Users. However once you cross the line from being the end user and into the realms of the service provider you do require a subscription to Service Manager.

I would suggest that as the 'Business Service Owner' one is less the customer and more the 'Service Provider' if as you suggest they need access to update the timeline of the requests raised against their service as the 'subject matter expert' or 'owner'.

Have you considered giving them access to dashboards relating to the service and some form of widget(s) based on categories KPI's and possibly a list showing last 10 requests for example. This will only require a Collaboration Subscription


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