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[Feature request] Bulletin images recommendation


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When creating a new bulletin for a service, it is quite difficult to size properly the image so that the content looks good. Many (if not all) of my colleagues are complaining about this and therefore do not post bulletins. It is not a good excuse I would agree but at the same I cannot blame them.

In my opinion (and as discussed with some developers yesterday at the Hornbill Insight 2017 event) a very simple solution to this problem would be:

1. Post an official recommendation on your Wiki or Blog about how to size perfectly an image for bulletins (that would also take into consideration coding of the carousel and how it behaves on resize!)

2. Add a small label on the screen when creating a new bulletin with the recommended size and URL to the recommendation:


This should be super quick to do and help us (and many other customers I would think) make the most of bulletins. Also I am pretty sure this has been mentioned a few times on this forum...

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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Lyonel

Thanks for the feedback, with regards to this feature. 
I'll raise this issue with the development team and see if we can get something out soon, in addition we'll also update the wiki alongside the amendment 



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Thanks @Mohamed for the good news! I know it looks like a silly request but I am 200% confident this will help me and other users :)

When can we expect to see the helper text available? (Just so that I can plan the communication to my colleagues).

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