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I would like to request a feature where we can see who is currently viewing a request.

  1. If someone is viewing a request, their name / profile picture will appear in a list / grid region above or below the members section of a ticket.
  2. If someone leaves and other people are viewing the request, it will update dynamically and remove the person from the list / grid.
  3. If someone is the owner of the ticket, make it obvious in the list (such as making putting "owner" somewhere and/or making the name and/or border bold with a different colour etc. Same goes for members and connections.
  4. This can be extended to be visible in the self service portal.
  5. This feature is toggleable in the settings
  6. This could be extended to other areas of the system, such as Asset Management
  7. This could be tied down to roles - for example having it so that only managers of a team assigned to a request can see who is currently viewing the ticket etc.


Samuel Wood

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On 6/23/2017 at 8:13 PM, James Ainsworth said:

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your post.  We have a long standing change in our backlog for this.  It isn't currently scheduled but I'll keep this post update as it progresses.



Thanks @James Ainsworth

Looking forward to when this happens :) 



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+1 for this, quite a few times our analysts will do the same request as they have no way of knowing when another analyst is viewing it, granted it should be on the 'owner' but when requests first come in via portal our service desk will assign to themselves or request further info and sometimes 2 people could be doing this at the same time 

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Hi Paul,

This is still in our backlog as a change proposal and has not yet been brought into our development roadmap.  Items that have been accepted into the roadmap can be seen within your Hornbill under the Solution Center.   We will continue to review this proposal.  

Kind regards,


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