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Preview attachments before Apply to Email


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Further to recent update via Topic:8266-attachments-on-inbound-emails , we use the manual update option for Emails and this is certainly helping us in reduce the number of unwanted attachments being added to our requests e.g. twitter/facebook/Company logos, etc. 

As you will see from the example email we received Attachment email.docx, it has 2 attachments, that has been correctly identified when we select the 'Apply to Request' option.  However, it is not clear which is which as the image has been inserted by the customer into their email.  1 image is customer screen shot, the other image is their Company logo. 

As such, It will be really useful if this could be further enhanced to include a 'Preview' option so we could identify what an attachment is before we select or deselect it from here (see screenshot below -Add Email.docx)  Alternatively, if we are able to Open the attachment from this same pop up screen Add Email.docx, they will be a compromise.  Thank you.


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