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Email Attachments not adding to the Call automatically


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We have noticed in the past couple of days that attachments received by email are not being added to the call automatically.  Analysts have had to go back into the call and manually add.

Has anyone else had this issue or is it a change we need to apply our end?

Hope you can assist.





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Thanks @Victor, I assumed that as it did not appear under the 'attachments' section that it didn't exist in the call. 

I tried to locate the original attachment via the 'Details' section however; this did not appear with the 'More' Option. After reading your email (properly) you are correct it appears on the very first timeline where it specified 'Request has been logged from Email by: ****' the 'More' option was displayed and choosing the 'View Email' allowed me to view the attachment.

Any ideas why this may not have been automatically added to the 'Attachment' area as mentioned by @SJEaton it would not be easily seen by the call owner.

At least this saves my team from having to saving the attachment locally and manually adding to the call.  I'll communicate this with my colleagues in case an attachment appears missing.

Clarification on the above would be great though.


Thanks in advance.


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@Shamaila Yousaf If the request is logged by auto responder (you will see the timeline being created by System Autoresponder and the timeline entry mentioning it) then there is nothing it can be done. Auto responder is not currently designed to process attachments. Is something that we looking to improve in the future.

If the request is logged by an analyst from an email then your progressive capture for "raise new" needs to have the "Add Attachments" form. If the progressive capture does not have this form, the email attachments will not be processed...


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@m.vandun I had to create a test request (IN00006244) which I canceled to see what the issue is since I was unable to spot any error in the logs. So, what happens is that your "Add attachments" form is actually in a progressive capture that switches after selecting a service catalog item (the "parent" progressive capture). You can see when the capture switches, there is no more attachment section on the right-hand side summary. My suggestion is to have the "Add Attachments" form in the progressive capture for the catalog item(s)... the "child" progressive capture...


EDIT: hold on to this, there might be some ProCap configuration which might be the underlying cause for this, please bear with me while I'm having a  bit more thorough look...

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