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Measure - no Date Ranging

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I am in the process of setting up a number of measures which do no have a Date Ranging criteria as I am attempt to capture the current 'state' of requests in an analyst's queue, i.e. number of open requests, new requests, on-hold etc.


At the moment in order to start these running you have to set them to re-sample, but as there is no date ranging condition you will get x number of samples of the same value.


When there is no date ranging criteria, can the system detect this and just sample the one current value?



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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Is the reasoning behind wanting this purely aesthetic? If so, we don't have anything currently that would dynamically perform what you want, but inside the measure, you can specify the number of samples that are displayed next to the measure. In your screenshot, you are showing 12 in the scorecard by default, but you could change this to 1 - and increase this when you have a full sample set if you require. 



If you want to reduce the samples down when creating a widget, there are various ways to limit this as well, such as the "Manual Sample Setting" option:



Kind Regards


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I think the reason is the fact it cant look back at historic data therefore in 12 days time it will be correct, however if you re sample it will show them all the same.

The following may be of interest.


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