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Sub Statuses Precedence - Global vs Service

Martyn Houghton

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@James Ainsworth

Is there an precedence applied where you have both Global and Service based Sub Statuses?

The reason for asking is that as we are implementing a number of different Service Desks with the same platform, where we will have a large majority of our services (100+) where we will wan to set common Global Sub-Statuses, but also have a number of other Services where we would want different Sub-Statuses.

At the moment I believe you will get Global Sub-Statuses plus any local Service based ones as well. It would be good to have the option to turn off either as a whole or individually the inheritance of the Global Sub-Statuses at the Service Level.

Also as Sub-Statuses will not doubt be closely aligned with 'Service Levels' it would be good to be able to potentially link Sub-Statuses at this level, so you do not have to apply it at 'Service' level.



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