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Joining Tables to create a widget

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Can I create a data chart widget, from joining two tables?

If I choose data type 'sql group by' only get option for one table . Is there a way to select/join two tables (manage to join in reports, as well as on list of data widget, but not for data chart widget')




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Hi @Joyce

You cannot currently join in this type of widget - however, depending on what you are specifically looking to achieve, there may be something you can do by performing a "Sub Select" in the "WHERE" clause. But this is wholly dependent on what you would like to do. 

If you could provide me with an example of a widget you are looking to display, I can see if this would be possible or not for you.

Kind Regards


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Hi @Joyce

I have been able to create your report using a Sub Select statement in the WHERE CLAUSE -  hopefully the screenshots show what I mean here, but we are using two SELECT statements in one - one to get a subset of data from h_itsm_requests and the main one to then interrogate that subset to get the results. 

I have placed this on your instance for you to have a look at, but for anyone else who is reading this thread, here is how it was achieved:

Finished Widget showing groupings of answers to questions



Widget Configuration



WHERE clause used in the widget configuration



I hope this helps

Kind Regards


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