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Added Uploaded Documents to Collection

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I am just looking at starting to use Document Manager and I am sure I am missing a step when I am uploading documents.

I have created a collection and I have uploaded documents.

At the moment the documents appear under documents I own but when I open each one to try add it to the collection I have created but the collection does not appear in the drop down.

Do I need to set something on the collection to appear in the drop down?



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Hi Martyn,

When you created a collection to use like this make sure its created as Manual Collection, Documents can't be directly added into self-organising collections as documents appear in them based on the tags that occur in the document.  Possible your collection is self-organising?

Hope this helps



Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 17.04.08.png

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The icon by the collection name indicates that it is a self-organising collection so you won't be able to manually add documents to this collection.  I have raised a defect for the problem that you cannot edit the collection and hopefully will be able to release a fix very soon, and will let you know when its released.

Sorry for the inconvenience


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