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Business Process Manager role

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We have given a number of staff the Business Process Manager role to build Business Process Workflows.  This is the standard 'out-of-the box' role.  When working, they keep getting the attached error message when selecting auto tasks.  They could still amend the node details fine.  Do you know why this error comes up please?


Our guess is that there is a degree of limitation on what options they can set up within the node with that role, but we don't know what these are.  Please advise.


Thank you

BPM error.png

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Hi Stuart,

For a workaround you can add the system right "manageRoles" to an existing customer role or and a new role just for this one right.  If you navigate in Administration to System->Organisational Data->Roles you can create a new role and under the Accounts section under the System Rights you can add the right for Managing Roles. You can then add the users that are getting this error.  There is some documentation on creating roles here.  We will look into to default Business Process Manager role to see if we can provide this as part of the rights for that role.





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