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Call import and business process


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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone is able to help with this question!

My business processes are set to wait for a priority, wait for an owner and then send a notification to the customer.

I'm preparing to do the call import and am setting up the conf files. As I was going through the priority mapping section, it occurred to me that once imported, the business process I have set up may kick in. If so, that could result in it triggering emails to anybody who has an open call.

Will that happen?

Do you have any advice from you own call imports?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Chris,

 it's great to hear you're preparing to migrate your calls into Hornbill. When working with the Supportworks request import utility, Business Processes will only be associated with calls that are imported with a status of "Open". Business Processes will not be associated to closed or resolved calls.

As you have identified, there are various core-actions that can be carried out in Business Process such as Team assignment and email notifications. It is important to consider if associating a BPM to these imported open calls is even appropriate. Decide if all BPMs should be deactivated prior to the import or if a new BPM is required especially for these open imported calls (a new BPM can be used to great effect in helping inform customers of their new Hornbill reference number). 

What I mean by "appropriate" is I think what you're concerned about, i.e. if a call has been open for a number of days/weeks etc. it will be confusing to the customer if they all of a sudden get a new-call-confirmation email. To deal with this (and similar situations), you could create a BPM especially for use against these imported calls, or you could modify your existing BPM with various decision branches to by-pass or perform different operations if the call is identified as an imported one. In terms of identifying imported calls, a good method is to hard-code a custom field such as "custom q" with a value of "imported" or something similar that you can use in these BPM decision branches.


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@chrisnutt it will spawn BP for active requests (i.e. not closed or cancelled). My suggestions:

  • temporarily disable the BP (deactivate them) if you don't need a BP on imported requests;
  • if the above not possible/feasible temporarily remove the email to customer nodes from BPs.
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    Thanks for the swift replies, Dan and Victor

    Some interesting thoughts. I may just try the disable all Bus Pros route while testing, but for the day before go live, I'll maybe have put in some decisions into them.


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