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Mailbox routing to another email account

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We need to set up a rule the auto-fwds all emails sent to a mailbox in Service Manager to another email address not on Service Manager.  Please can you let me know if this is possible.

(we haven't gone live yet, but are getting some stray emails sent to these mailboxes in error and want to auto fwd them to our current system's mailboxes until we go live)

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Hi Stuart,

 Thanks for your post.

When it comes to auto-routing in Hornbill we have two functions available to us:

1) Move the message to another shared mailbox and/or folder in Hornbill

2) Initiate an operation such as Update or log a request.

Neither of which would satisfy your requirement (if I have understood it correctly :) ).

It sounds like you need to configure a rule(s) on your mail server that either sends a copy of any received message to another mail account (so the message continues to arrive in Service Manager too) or redirects to this other mail account (which will likely mean the message will not reach Service Manager).

I hope that helps.

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