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Hopefully you have the endpoint URL of your ADFS server which you can use to import an updated certificate from. Our is along the lines of https://......../federationmetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml but would be specific to your provider. Once you have this you can click on the button in the top right hand corner to sso.JPG.8cf65ae3083a656bb57848dac71d046a.JPG to enter the endpoint an re-import an updated trust certificate in the dialog window that appears.



As as workaround to get live app users in you could temporarily disable the SSO config and then choose to create passwords from the admin tool for your key users, whilst you sort out the SSO config.




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@derekgreen as @Martyn Houghton suggested you need either teh URL or the SAML metadata file (the XML file). You need to ask the ADSF guy to give you this. They know what it is. Until you get this you can temporarily disable certificate validation to allow your users to log in.

EDIT: @Martyn Houghton disabling SSO allogether is indeed an option, but if you have hundreds of basic users.. well.. it might take a while to reset all passwords :D

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If you have revert to the username/password option (not SSO), you don't need to reset the password individually. Tell your customers to use the forgot password option to reset it themselves.




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