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Sub-Statuses - automatic based on customer responses

Martyn Houghton

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@James Ainsworth

I am a bit confused about the sub-statuses option to automatically change based on the customer responses. I can see where that is set in relation to the 'On Customer Repsonse' and 'On Auto Off-hold' the status you want it to go to automatically, but I am confused by the slider switch against each sub-statuses, as this does not appear to me covered in the Wiki.




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Hi Martyn,

The on/off switch on each of the sub-statuses determines if the automatic change of the sub-status to the sub-status set in the option "On Customer Response change Sub-status to..." is applied. 

The idea is to let you control when the automatic changing of a sub-status takes place, based on the current sub-status.  For the majority of sub-statuses you may not want the interaction of a customer to change the sub-status.  When the sub-status is referring to an action that is waiting for a customer response, you would want to turn the feature 'On' for that sub-status.

I will make sure the wiki documentation is updated.



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