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Hi @SJEaton

The individual workflows are not saved anywhere automatically. The entire system is backed up regularly, but in the case that the backups were ever needed (which shouldn't ever happen due to the replication meaning if a problem occurs at one data centre your service will switch to another so your service will continue uninterrupted) the backup would restore the entire system rather than just specific processes. 

For each individual workflow that you would like to back up I would recommend 2 options - Copying them or downloading them. To copy a workflow go to the relevant section in the admin tool, hit the copy button and label the copy accordingly. This will mean that there is a backup ready to go whenever it is needed. To download a copy of the workflows you want to keep, open up a workflow and in the top right there are download and upload buttons, click the download button and this will produce a txt file (I believe) which can then be re-imported at any point to replace an existing process or auto populate a new one using the upload button. 

Both of these features are available for both business processes and progressive capture flows, and are definitely the simplest way to back up individual workflows.

Hope this helps


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Hi @SJEaton

As Conor says not currently, although we are looking at option for versioning in this area - more news on that once we are closer to making this available. 

One suggestion i could make is that once you have created a Procap or Business Process, you can use the Download option and keep a copy of that anywhere you like. This is a the process definition as a .txt file.  In the event you deleted something, you could simply create a new process with the same name, and then upload the saved definition which you downloaded.

These are the upload / download options i am referring too.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.09.19.png

Hope that helps, and we will post more on the versioning in due course


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