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Good afternoon,

I have tre questions for the support forum.

1) It's possible to combine a service with the list of customers ?
    I should like view only who really use this service and not all customers. I have the correct list for every services. I should like start with a service and if correct, upload this logic for all services.

2) it's possibile insert the correct list or a numer of customers all in one time.? if you look the attach image , the customers was inserted one by one .

3) it's possible to extract this information,this list of customers inserted on the ticket on the report ?



Thanks for your cooperation



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Hi Andrea,

1. in the Service View you may specify a list of subscribers. If no specified, then the service will be available to everyone. 

2. you may select a number of subscribers and then add then in one go

3. not sure about this question. Do you need the list of subscribers for the service attached to the ticket?





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Hi Armando,

thanks for your answers .

1) ok the metodology but don't work well ( you can see the pictures, please ? ). For example in Data Warehouse service, I set only the subscriber 03104 - Deutsche Bank but when I record a ticket, I can insert the other subscriber , for example 02008 - Unicredit . This is not a problem because it's manual ancd volontary action  but when i record a ticket initially is important to view the subscribers set .

2) ok

3) Yes, for all tickets opened I would like to have a list of subscribers inserted on.



Settings - Data warehouse service.PNG

test subscriber - service Data Warehouse.PNG

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Hi @andrea_bariggi,

I can see the screenshots.

1. even if the service Data Warehouse is not subscribed by "02008 - Unicredit ", you may still add it as connection. Any customer may be impacted or interested in a Change, for example, so he can be added as a connection

3. to have a list of subscribers for the open requests, you need to create a new report in Admin Tool. As first approach, you may link the tables h_itsm_request, h_itsm_services and h_itsm_servicesubscriptions to get the list of subcribers for the services related to open requests - see screenshot.  Is this would you would like ?


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