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Additional Snippet Variable

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At the moment you are limited to 13 variable when setting up Snippets. 


It would be really useful to have the ability to use a number of additional ones, like it was possible using the remote call query in support works. 

Can I suggest the following at a starter:-

  • Owner - add Job Title, Email, Work Phone and Work Mobile
  • Current Analyst - not all updates/emails are done by the Owner so the ability to insert the current users  Name, Job Title, Email, Work Phone and Work Mobile
  • Status
  • Catalog Name
  • Service Level
  • Team Name

It would also be useful to be able to include Custom Fields as well.





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Hi Martyn,

Thanks for your post.  On the email component we are also looking at a significant change that will allow the Email Action on a request to include images, hyperlinks, templates  etc.  In order to adopt this new email action component we will have to manage very carefully the existing snippets.  We may find that we will make this move to the new email action component before the additional snippets are added.  



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