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@Prathmesh Patel the "apply email to request" action fails when it's checking sub statuses associated to service and request type for IN*19477. This because this incident doesn't have a service associated to it. Also it seems you have these settings enabled:


Automated Sub-statuses won't work with requests with no service... 

EDIT: also the email is not removed from mailbox because the  "apply email to request" action fails at the above mentioned point and the email "removing" should happen afterwards...

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@Prathmesh Patel : we're happy this is sorted then :)

As a reference note, there is no current functionality to allow you to add or amend a service on a request... It could be done by amending teh request record but this is something we reluctant to advise as it would require changes in the database directly...

How did you add the service on that request?

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