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Logging into Hornbill with an API Key

Guest pproot

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Guest pproot


We are looking at connecting to Hornbill via API and have studied the documentation provided, however we are unable to see how / whether we can login with an API key rather than by Username and Password. Can you advise if this is possible please?

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @pproot

You can generate an API Key for a User account through Admin Tool ("System" > "Organisational Data" Tile > "Users" Tile > [Click on User Id] > "API Keys" tab). The following is an example where I have created an API Key using the + icon.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.21.08.png

You can then use the generated API Key to access our Hornbill Integration Tools. Please refer to the following Wiki document for the list of available tools: 

How are you looking to achieve Integration? When sending a XMLMC API request, an API Key can be included in the Request Header as below:


You can then invoke following API with the API Key included in the header. If the Response Message is returned (e.g. returns sessionId Output Parameter), then you're granted access to Hornbill APIs for the instance in question ^_^

I hope this helps?


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