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Desktop notifications query

lee mcdermott

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After reading another post yesterday it was mentioned about desktop notifications for activities. i thought this was a good idea as a lot of our analysts still miss the activities assigned to them as they do not appear in their main call queue. 


i turned on Desktop notifications for  Task assignment and reminders which seems to work ok for me, 

However i have turned these on for another 2 staff as a test and they do not seem to get any notifications.


Any idea where or what else may prevent these showing. Is there a common windows 7 desktop setting which may be preventing these showing? or is it a browser setting?


we are using chrome browser





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Hi @lee mcdermott,

The desktop notification must be enabled in the browser. Usually Hornbill will try to alert you about this however there are some cases that it won't be allowed to do it and you will need to set it by yourself.

In Chrome, if you click on the "Secure" area next to the web address, a popup will open as in the attachment. Make sure that the "Notifications" is set to "Allow". After setting it the browser requires a refresh to the website (just hit F5 or the reload button).

The other thing you must understand is that the notification will only be shown if the browser is not in focus or minimized however it must be opened in the Hornbill Live.

Hope this helped.



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