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Manage Assets - Multiple USED BY users?

Guest TrishaRush

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Guest TrishaRush


We would like to be able to record users of an application. In Supportworks we would have a CI that is an application (for example MS Visio). We would then add the CI to their customer properties (under Configuration Items) and then when asked if they are the 'owner or sponsor' we would select No and they would be a user of the said application (but not the owner).  We could add multiple users to one application. Is the same functionality available in Service Manager? If so, how do we do this?

In Service Manager, I can add a user to the 'Used by' field but then when I add someone else, it appears that the latest user replaces the previous user.

Thanks, Trish

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Hi @TrishaRush

I'm pleased to let you know that we now have a feature that allows you to add multiple users against an asset.  On each asset next to the Used By field, you can mark it as a Shared asset.  Once enabled, you can add multiple users, or select Groups that use this asset.  


I hope this helps.




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