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Edit the built-in form questions in Progressive Capture

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


Is there a way of editing the questions asked in the built-in forms in Progressive Captures please?

For instance, in the Request Details built-in form I'd like to change the prompt from saying 'Summary' to 'Please give a short summary of the fault/request' or something similar (rather than just 'Summary')



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Guest Chaz

Using the translation functionality, you can change it either by right clicking on it when in translation mode or through the admin tool by searching for this string: user.view.request.details.summary

Changing it though, will also change the request details as it's used in both places.

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@Paul Alexander if you also want to change how this title Summary appears to your customers on the Service Portal you can change the following translation strings for all the customer facing progressive capture default values from the admin tool.

Home > Service Manager > Translations and search for guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.pcapture 

This will give you a few pages for all the titles on all the default progressive forms which are used on the service portal - including Summary, from here you can change it to anything you like

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 08.43.46.png

As Chaz mentioned above, these changes will be global for all users and you can't create different titles for the same form.

If you want to use different titles / descriptions for the Summary / Description fields in different scenarios, you can always create custom progressive capture forms in each progressive capture and use whatever titles you want for the questions, and then map the answers back to the Summary / Description fields on the request forms - this wiki reference should help with mapping custom questions:


Hope that helps 


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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Steven Boardman and @Chaz


Thanks for the replies.....the reason I was asking, is that we're using a custom form at the moment to ask for a Summary and Description, and we've tagged on a text field for contact number as well. This form is being used in the new request, new Incident and Create New progressive captures.

What I was expecting to happen was that, if you start with the 'Create New' Progressive Capture, then choose Incident as the type of call,  I wouldn't then be asked for the Summary and Description again, but I am. 

Is this because I've missed something out, or do I have something set up incorrectly? Or do these items only get skipped if I use the 'built in' forms in the Progressive Capture? 



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