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Editing Customised Form Questions once logged


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I am working on a change process which asks a great many specific/customised questions. Our Change Manager has asked for a step to be built into the Change process that if the questions haven't been filled in satisfactorily, that an activity is generated for the person who raised the request asking them to rectify it. The process part works perfectly, but as I was testing I hit a stumbling block. I don't seem to be able to edit the questions. Is there a way to do this. See screenshot for what I mean if this makes no sense!

Thanks in advance



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Guest Chaz

These are the answers stored during the logging of a Request, you can map these to the custom fields on a request by changing the ID of the request to be h_custom_x, as documented here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms

This means you'll keep a copy of the original answers as well as having the ability to change them if required.

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