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Linking assets / CIs to Suppliers / Organisations

Guest pproot

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Guest pproot


How do I link assets to suppliers (or organisations) in the CMDB. There is a field against assets of 'Supplier ID' but this just appears to be free text and not actually link to anything? Thank you

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@pproot if you are referring to linking an asset to an organisation in our customer manager app, inside of Hornbill as appose to a drop down list of say externally defined Suppliers, then you could do something with the custom buttons which are available on the Asset / CI forms. 

Each organisation in customer manager will hold an id (numeric), so you could hold this value in the Supported By ID field (this will become clear why is moment).

Once you have this, you can add a custom button to the Asset / CI form, which contains the URL of your instance, and that of the Organisations you have defined.  The one variable you will need to allow for is the organisation ID, which is specific to each organisation.  Now because we have stored this in the Supported by ID on each Asset / CI you can pass the variable through into the custom button, and present this as follows:

Adding a supported by value to each Asset / CI

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 16.02.47.png

Creating a custom button

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 16.05.11.png

How the Custom Button will appear on the Asset / CI form

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.53.16.png

This is of course subject to you having Customer Manager subscriptions, but i made that assumption if you are holding these organisations in Hornbill's Customer Manager.

You can't currently create a custom button variable for the Supplier ID, hence why i used the Supported by ID, obviously if these are one and the same.  If they are, then you could hold the Supplier name in the Supplier ID field and their Hornbill Customer Manager Organisation ID in the Supported By ID field allowing the creation of the visible custom button and link through. 





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