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Known errors and workarounds icon?

lee mcdermott

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Hi ,

Just wanted to clarify the difference between problems and Known errors in terms of functionality available.

I have setup the problem workflow and can log a problem and have the Icon for "workaround" and "Publish" this works ok.

however when trying to setup a similar process for known errors when I have logged a test call there is no icon for "workaround". the publish icon is available as screenshot shows. But when I tried entering a title and selected include workaround it was available in the portal fine and it had added a workaround -however I cannot see where from or what workaround it had added as I had not specified one in relation to this call

So I am a little confused as to where it has gotten this workaround from and if the workaround icon should be available in the first place.

*note I raised the know issue as a fresh call - i did not raise this as a new call as a link from a problem call - -will this make a difference?




known error icon.JPG

problem workaround icon.JPG

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Guest Mohamed

Hi @lee mcdermott

With regards to your question on the difference between workarounds in Problems and Known Errors, with Problems as you have already mentioned, there is an action tab where you can define a workaround for the Problem. With regards to Known Errors, this is actually part of the Known Error's request details and can be visible when either:

  • Raising a Known Error (providing the form is available in your Known Error progressive capture setup)
  • Editing the Known Error's request details



Depending on the request type i.e. Problem or Known Error, the Publish Request tab will be able to access the data accordingly

I have published my Known Error and included the workaround, this is how it appears in the Portals


Please note, that our developers have noticed a minor issue with regards to the Known Error workaround. If KE is published and the workaround is included in the portals and you decide to update the workaround via the request details, it updates fine on the request details, however it doesn't update on the portals. 
A temporary workaround for this however (oh the irony!), is that when you update the KE workaround, is to go to the publish request tab and simply press "update" and it will update it on the Portals

I hope this has been helpful and answered your query :) 


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Guest Mohamed

Hi @lee mcdermott

Happy to be of help :)
Just a note to let you know that our developers have resolved the issue with regards to the workaround updating in the portals. It should be available in the next available build: >966


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