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Send email to multiple users/ people

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How can i send, 'email Notification' to more than one person, in the automated task node?

In our change request BPM, we need to send email to multiple people to approve change, then send email to request owner and request creator when change request has been approved.






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@Joyce currently you can't have distribution lists in Hornbill... an option would be to create this distribution list outside, on your mail server perhaps, and used the distribution list address in the node... this if the distribution list is static... if not then it will have to be multiple email nodes...

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Hi Joyce,

Is there any reason you cannot use the bpm Authorisation node to do the approval? So in this node you add your Authorisers. Each one of them gets a task to Authorise or Reject. After a decision has been made the flow moves on from there, at which point you can use an automated task to send email to the request customer and owner?

Just curious if that would work for your needs and if not why not as maybe we need to address something so people use the Authorisation node.


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