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Reporting - Legend


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I have created a fairly basic report.

The report lists all calls raised for certain departments, grouped by the field "Within Resolve Time"

This report is then represented by a Bar Chart

The issue we have is that the Legend returns the characters 0 and 1

Is there a way were we can amend to say : 

0 = SLA Breached  

1 = Within SLA

Otherwise the Report looks a bit unprofessional


Many Thanks




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Hi Colin,

There is no way to alter the data values. We do have a "data formatters" mechanism but i don't believe customers can set these up as they are locked down to the product teams. I will ask the SM product team if they can have a look at setting up data formatters for various 0/1 flags in the SM database schema.


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  • 4 months later...

Hi @colind

We've enhanced the value that is presented in Reporting for the following columns:

Formatter: Breached (0) / Met (1)

  • h_itsm_request_slm_targets.h_target_met
  • h_itsm_requests.h_withinfix
  • h_itsm_requests.h_withinresponse

Formatter: No (0) / Yes (1)

  • h_sm_request_approvers.h_flg_approvers_confirmed
  • h_itsm_requests.h_archived
  • h_itsm_requests.h_bpm_stage_expired

Formatter: Yes (1) otherwise always "null"

  • h_itsm_incidents.h_firsttimefix
  • h_itsm_incidents.h_flgfixisresolution
  • h_itsm_incidents.h_flgfixisworkaround
  • h_itsm_incidents.h_flgproblemfix
  • h_itsm_rel_requests.h_flg_acceptedsolution
  • h_sm_relationship_entities.h_flg_acceptedsolution

Formatter: Unlocked (0) / Locked (1)

  • h_itsm_requests.h_locked_details

Formatter: Scheduled (1) otherwise always "null"

  • h_itsm_changerequests.h_scheduled
  • h_itsm_releases.h_scheduled

Formatter: Historic (1) otherwise always "null"

  • h_itsm_requests.h_historic


These changes will be available in the next Service Manager update, which is scheduled to be available in the week commencing 16th October.



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