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Charts update on "My Dashboard"?


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Hi guys, 

Some of my colleagues reported some strange behaviour with charts in the "My Dashboard" view of the request list. Below is an email I received.

" I have created my Hornbill dashboard beginning of April. It worked fine. Beginning of May I changed some of the criteria as some charts are supposed to only show the data of the current month.

For example for zz-MES, I changed the date to 01/05/17 to only see the calls raised from the 1st of May:


I checked the Chart, it seemed ok, clicked Save and Close.


However the chart displayed in my dashboard is not updated. It looks as if the date has not been changed:


In the Chart section, if I click on Edit then Save the Chart (without changing anything), the image changes:


And I think that the chart on my dashboard is correct now:


But for other charts it did not work. I had to do “Preview Chart” before saving as just Edit -> Save did not work.


Why when I change the criteria the chart does not automatically take into account the new criteria?

What is the rule so that the charts are updated correctly? (it seems a little bit random…)"

Would anybody be able to share some knowledge on how this works exactly? I am quite puzzled too to be honest.


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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Lyonel as @James Ainsworth mentioned these two issues are related

As mentioned in the other post, the issue has now been resolved by our dev team and will be available in the next build: >966



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