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custom value has stopped being picked up

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Hi Guys - can anyone help, hornbill seems to have stopped picking up a custom value we are passing to the database during pro-cap,


we have a custom form in our problem pro-cap which asks questions, and each answer is committed to a custom field as shown below. we then output these custom fields in an email via a template. the custom field A always worked fine, and B, C, D etc, still work, recently A has stopped working.


it must be there somewhere because when you look the 'questions' section on the ticket, the correct value "p2" is displayed, it just isn't in the database where it should be?


also attached is shows how A is setup the same as B, B works, A doesn't.





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I have had a run through, and everything appears to be working correctly.

In your screenshots, the field h_custom_a appears blank. This is the field it appears to be be setup to add the value into in the right hand pane. However in the middle pane, the text not being replaced is h_custom_1. Is your email setup correctly? Has there been a change in fields from custom a to custom 1?

What field is setup to be displayed on the request details?


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Did you get this sorted?

I now have a similar (and by similar I mean it looks exactly the same!) problem. We have a ProgCapture which HAS been working, but which now has stopped populating at least a couple of Custom fields, although strangely it seems that SOME custom fields are still mapping correctly.

I'm positive nothing has changed, but at least one ProgCapt isn't working, and there is a chance that other problems I've encountered over the last couple of days may have been caused by a similar thing.



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Hi Guys - no this is still not fixed ad nothing has changed AFAIK. Its quite hard to test as its our Major incident process, which emails managers as soon as its triggered. id  rather not change the email config - then id have to test these again after testing.


@Ryan - my email was previously configured correctly and working all ok, as fair as I know nothing has changed on our end, and other values - h custom b, c, d etc all work.

for some reason in the email templates, hornbill refers to these as 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, so h_custom_a = extended.information.h_custom_1, h_custom_b = extended.information.h_custom_2 etc/


ive attached my template for you to have a look at,


@Paul Alexander no sorry still not fixed - and yep we're seeing the same symptoms as yourself, im pretty sure nothing has changed (I think I even checked the last modified dates of the processes), and this one has stopped working, its not something we use daily, so cant be sure exactly when it stopped working, but we notice it straight away as it stands out like a sore thumb on our email.




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On OUR instance, the email templates use the same custom fields as the BPM or ProgCapt (see attachment) so I'm not sure if there's an update that's needed on your (or our!) instance?

I've checked using the Database Direct tool to see if the custom fields are being updated by the ProgCapt, and some are, but some aren't. There doesn't seem to be anything different between any forms but some are working, and some not. 

We're going 'live' next Thursday so I'm hoping I won't have to change too much to get it working before then!!!




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Hi @Gary@ADL


I've found a woraround for this problem at the moment. I've replaced the static drop down box which is used to fill the custom field, with a dynamic one and it seems to be working for now. 

It was a bit of a pain because it's meant changing the ProgCapt and the BPM, but at least it's working for now. 

I don't know if that would work for you, but I see from your screen shots that you're using a staic drop down box, so didn't know if this workaround would work for you too?



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