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Guest David Calder

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Guest David Calder


Can I have a little moan about the design of the Human Tasks, and indeed any activity?

1. The task details are in very small text and get lost among the rest of the information on the panel. 

2a. The meta data about the activity is mixed in with the rest of the task and it's hard to focus on what is going on. Can it be separated out below a line or something?

2b. I don't understand the information in the Reminder section. Why is it there?

3. Why is my checklist below the meta data and not up with the task details. It would be good if this was in bigger text too.

Many thanks,



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Hi @David Calder,

Thank you for your suggestions, you are right, this view is quite old and needs to be updated. We did have plans to do this but in a later stage. I will still raise a change for this and hopefully we can make these improvements earlier than we planned.

Regarding the reminder section, it is a defect. I will raise it now and will be fixed soon. Just for you to know, there is a problem with the formatting of the time, it should say 1 day (1440 minutes)

Thank you,


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