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Human Tasks

Guest David Calder

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Guest David Calder


I really like Human Tasks in the BPM, particularly the checklists that you can provide as a reminder for all the things that need to be done.

I was wondering if it was possible to add more types of input to the Human Task - particularly all the things that are available in the Customised Form from the progressive captures. It would be great if we could ask a task assignee to select something from a drop down list or add a paragraph of text.

Many thanks,


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Hi @David Calder,

The Activities were designed to be simple and we would like to keep it this way. The checklist was added after as an addition but this I believe is the limit to how much we want to complicate things over here.

For setting data from the progressive capture you have the Request in the Service Manager that can be seen as a bigger and more complicated task.



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