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Print function and options not available

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We have set up a number of services and catalogue items in the last few weeks.  Half have been set up by one person, the other half by another person. 

The ability to print requests and the print options work on half the catalogue items, but for the other half of them, although the print icon is present, when clicked, nothing happens (i.e. print options are not presented)

It appears that the latter have been set up differently somehow so that this feature isn't enabled, but we can't find setting that controls this according to Service / Catalogue item.

Please help

Print feature.PNG

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@Stuart Torres-Catmur in a week, max two as far as I am aware... SM updates usually happen every other week unless there is a major functionality being introduced by an update... I don't think there is any in the next one so it should follow the regular pattern...


Key words above are "usually" and "should" :D 

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