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Different BPMs for different Change Types

Guest David Calder

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Guest David Calder


I am creating our change management processes. I have a number of change types, which I have defined in the simple list called "changeRequestType". I can use this to switch to different progressive captures, but how do I determine which BPM to use? For example, if someone raises a Standard change request, I can switch capture to my Standard progressive capture. If they raised an Emergency change request, I can switch capture to the Emergency progressive capture.

But if I want the Standard change to follow a Standard change BPM, and the Emergency change to follow an Emergency change BPM, how do I go about it?

Many thanks,


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Hi David,

 your expectation here requires that the Request catalog capability we have for incidents and Service Requests is also available for Change Requests. This has been spoken about internally and it is likely that we will include this at some point in the future.

In the mean time the advice I give to customers, and the approach that I adopt myself during the design of a typical Change Process, is to include different "paths" within the process to cater for the different change types (Emergency, Normal, and Standard). 
The decision logic to determine which path the process would follow can be facilitated by the "Get Request Details" node and then the Custom expressions would be based on the contents of the "Change Type" field.

I hope that helps,

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Guest David Calder

We have quite a few so we'd like to keep them separate. Now that there is a feature to link more than one service to a request, we could in theory create Services for each of the different change types, then create separate BPMs for each of those Services, and then enforce linking of actual Services to the Change Request. I'm just mindful there may be unforeseen issues with doing that.

The upside is that when catalog items are enabled for Change request, we can re-purpose the processes we already have.

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